International Athletes Ronnie & Michele Carroll

Minister for Foreign Affairs / Deputy Prime Minister
Dick Spring, presenting ISO Certification
to Ronnie & Michele

Ronnie Meets
The Stars

  • Pelé

    Pelé with Ronnie

  • Jairzinho

    Ronnie with Jairzinho

  • Gérson

    Gérson, World Cup Champion 1970

  • Couthino

    Couthino, Brazil 1962 World Cup

  • Parana

    Brazil Legend Parana, 1966 World Cup

  • President McAleese

    Irish Former President Mary McAleese

  • Bertie Ahern

    Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern

  • Quinn and Cardoso

    Lord Mayor of Dublin Oisin Quinn and the Brazilian Ambassador Alfonso Jose Sena Cardoso

About Us

Ronnie and Michelle Carroll from Dublin, Ireland, founded Samba Soccer in 1999. They had studied and competed in the US as track and field athletes. In America they had witnessed the explosion of the 'soccer mom' phenomenon. They saw first hand the potential for kids to learn and enjoy themselves in safe and friendly environment in soccer camps. They wanted to combine this organisational approach with the fun and flair of South American football. That's how Samba Soccer was born.

Ronnie Carroll BSc has a Diploma in Management and Executive Coaching. He competed in three World Cross Country Championships and over forty times for Ireland. In the US he ran for the University of Arkansas while studying Bachelor of Science in Education.

Michele Carroll BA, H Dip studied in the University of Arizona. She has over 31 national titles and was a sprint record holder at 100 and 200 metres. She competed in European and World Indoor and Outdoor Championships. She and Ronnie live in Dublin with their four children.

Children Helping Children
The Society of St. Vincent De Paul were delighted to receive 300 free places from Samba Soccer for their Summer Camp 2002. We look forward to working with Samba Soccer again in 2003.
Liam O'Dwyer Chief Executive Officer, St. Vincent De Paul

Samba Soccer gave £15,000 is UNICEF to help street kinds in Brazil
On behalf of UNICEF, I would like to thanks Samba Soccer for their generous donation of £15,000 towards UNICEF's programme for street children in Brazil, these funds can provide significant resources for children in need.
Maura Quinn Executive director UNICEF Ireland