Ask The Family

Just ask anyone whose children have enjoyed Samba Soccer over the past 15 years.


Very organised, great venue , loves the kit , my son has wanted to play soccer since he could walk. When Samba Soccer became available in my area we jumped at the chance to try it. He now comes home showing off his skills to his family and 'shows off' to his school mates.
Really look forward to it all week....bit shy at first but now just runs in with the rest of the group.


My child loves soccer and really looks forward to playing and having fun with the other children....local and handy...age convenient...great venue indoor...something to do on Saturdays...brilliant....its a great way for my son to gain interest in soccer...a friend told me it was good.


Settled in after 10 minutes...really good can i buy a skill son favourite team is Brazil. So joining Samba Soccer and getting the kit was really exciting for him. He looks forward to coming each week and he's learning skills.....Really pleased that my son is enjoying it and wouldn't hesitate to sign him up for future camps.


Venue: Banbridge • Child: Eamonn & Joe • Parent: Jean McSweeney
I never saw my boys Eamonn and Joe, laugh and smile so much as they did when they went to Samba Soccer. It was a treat to watch them get so much fun out of the football. I can see the difference it made too afterwards when they were playing with the other boys. They had learned a thing or two, I can tell you. When I asked Eamonn what it was like he said “It was epic fun.”


Venue: Waterford • Child: Jimmy • Parent: Julie Ryan
My Jimmy was simply thrilled to be taught about football by real Brazilian footballers. He watched them like a hawk and he kept saying how brilliant they were. It’s always been a dream of his to be a footballer and he really concentrated on learning everything he could from the course. I was completely satisfied by the whole course and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


Venue: Raheny • Child: Linda • Parent: Michael Downey
Linda was absolutely delighted with her Samba Soccer camp. Her mum and I were thrilled to see how well she got on. She was a bit nervous at first but the staff, especially the local coach, Grainne, were really encouraging and they helped her to get the most out of the whole experience. Linda is looking forward to next summer’s Samba Soccer camp already.


Venue: Dalkey • Child: Richard Kumar Parent: Andy Kumar.
Our son Richard was looking forward to his summer holidays so much, and it was hard to come up with something fun for him to do all the time. Then along came Samba Soccer and the summer was made for him. He loved getting the Samba gear and wore it all the time. He even slept in it. I don’t know if next summer can live up to his expectations, but I do know he’ll definitely be going to Samba Soccer.


Venue: Naas • Child: Carol • Parent: Patricia Ormskirk
Carol had been to camps before, and she is already something of a star on her team, so we weren’t sure that Samba Soccer could teach her anything new. We couldn’t been more wrong. The Brazilian coaches really challenged her to move up to another level and she was thrilled about that. She has learned new skills and got more out of the camp than we ever expected. 10 out of 10 Samba Soccer!